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American Racers

Greyhounds that have raced in the US

Although Greyhounds can reach speeds of 40MPH when running, they are surprisingly calm and relaxed!  Dubbed the "40 mile per hour couch potato," these lovable pups are often lazy and happiest when laying down in comfort.

There are, of course, exceptions to this rule; some retired racers are a bit more high energy, requiring longer walks and occasional runs.  Our experienced matchmakers are very skilled in finding the right home for every dog, so whether you're looking for the typical goofy, sleepy hound or a walking buddy, we will do our best to find the right companion for you!

While we no longer have racing in Florida, our expansive network of tracks, and owners do still provide us with retired racers to rehome. 

International Racers

Greyhounds that have raced in other countries

Much like their domestic cousins, racers in other countries also need homes when they retire!  We are currently working with groups in Ireland, the UK, and Australia to bring these lovable pups over to the US to find their furever families.


Other Breeds

Related sighthound breeds we help

Gold Coast also has partners all over the world that often need help finding families for other sighthounds and sighthound mixes.

We've worked with several international organizations to bring breeds such as:

  • Wadi dogs:  Smaller than Greyhounds, saved from the streets in their home country of Oman, these deserving pups are sweet and shy

  • Lurchers:  Greyhounds mixed with other breeds, these dogs are sometimes used as blood donors and are retired before their 2nd birthdays to live a hero's life

  • Galgos and Podencos:  Used for hunting in Spain, these sweet dogs are often mistreated and discarded after hunting season.  Galgos are usually a bit smaller than Greyhounds, but otherwise very similar.  Podencos are a mixed sighthound breed and can come in a wide range of sizes, from 20 to 80 pounds!

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